Guidance for the Coming Week – 12th November 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have had a great week and are enjoying the amazing sunshine we have been receiving.

🌻 This week we have two messages coming forward, the first greeted me this morning in the garden….the “Praying Mantis”.
This was a reminder from the angels to take a moment of stillness and really just be in the present moment. Connecting in with nature and letting everything else just fall aside, if only for a few minutes. It was such a lovely connection we shared.

The Praying Mantis comes to us as a gentle reminder when we are experiencing chaos in our lives, to simply take a step back and focus on some peace and calm. Let go of the BUSY-ness. Come back to your own truth and remember that you can adapt to any situation.

🌻 The card which came through for the coming week was the “Mirror Guardian” with the message of taking time to reflect.
Take some time to reflect on your strengths and challenges and how far you’ve come. Recognize your gifts.

Angels accept you just the way you are. Even when you are going through a challenging time, they still hold you in the highest esteem. The Mirror Guardian, a female angel looking into the mirror of life, invites you to witness your spiritual strength and beauty – to see yourself as angels do.

The mirror represents the fact that your core beliefs and ideas are in fact what is reflected back to you by your world. Your life is one big mirror of how you feel within and the Mirror Guardian helps you recognize that.

When this card appears, you are being invited to take some time to see where you are right now.

You are a beautiful being who has surmounted so many challenges and expanded in so many ways. Your angels are now guiding you to take inventory of your life – to take the time to note all of your recent experiences: the challenges you have surmounted, the strengths you have developed and the lessons you have learned.

Your angels want you to reflect on your strengths, in particular those aspects of yourself that you feel have not been acknowledged by others. Offer yourself approval where it’s due and know that when you give yourself credit, others will be able to as well.

🌻 Wishing you all a week full of moments of stillness and reflection.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.