Guidance For The Coming Week – 24th June 2021

Happy (almost) Friday everyone!

Early post as I’ll be running a Reiki workshop all day tomorrow.

Today’s card is the Angel card “Bridgette”.

Last week we were guided to go for it, this week we are being advised to use caution.

“Caution is warranted. Look deeper into this situation before proceeding further.”

In the coming week you may be presented with a situation that just doesn’t feel right. Trust your inner knowing and feelings. If it is not in alignment with your path you will feel this. Look deeper than the information that is being presented to you. There may be information being concealed. Question everything that doesn’t sit right with you.

A bigger and brighter opportunity will be presented to you once you move past this situation. You may feel disappointed or betrayed, call in angelic support when you need it.

You are worthy of unconditional love and shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of peace and joy.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.