Have you tried our Reiki infused essential oil blends? Locally made in Mandurah Western Australia.

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For many years I was on lots of different prescription and over-the-counter medications. Introducing essential oils into my life made such a huge change to my overall health. I was able to support my body in a natural way without side effects.

I have been able to strictly limit the amount of medications myself and my family consume and always turn to my oil blends at times of stress, illness, stomach ache and headache.

My children have their own diluted blends that we apply when suffering from colds, tummy aches and tooth aches. On sleepless nights we also turn to the much loved ‘Sleep Well’ blend.

Essential oil safety is very important and you should advise me if you are planning to use these oils on your children as the dilution will change. Always store your oils away from children and pets.

These are some of the most popular custom Essential Oil Blends I have in stock, all charged with Reiki energy during and after blending. Crystals are added to the oils to boost the natural healing properties.

Custom blends can be created on request for specific conditions.

Pickup from Mandurah WA, or delivery available if within the Mandurah area.

Postage within Australia is $10.00 – Postage is usually shipped on Monday each week.

This page is still under construction and will soon have a direct link to order all oils online. In the interim, please email or SMS 0433260224 with your order.