The Gassho meditation is a Reiki Technique developed by Dr Mikao Usui, however you don’t have to be attuned to Reiki is to experience the benefits.

This meditation which was practiced at the beginning of every Reiki workshop and gathering held by Dr Usui. The Gassho meditation is simple and easy to incorporate into your daily practice.

Gassho (pronounced gash-show) simply means two hands coming together. Your hands are placed in prayer position at your chest.

Sheree from Joyful Serenity Healing practicing Reiki Gassho Meditation
Sheree from Joyful Serenity Healing practicing Reiki Gassho Meditation

Doing this meditation daily will help you to open your heart, clear your mind, balance your energy and if you are a Reiki practitioner it will help strengthen your connection to your Reiki practice as well as help you to stay balanced and peaceful.

If you can find the time to do this twice daily that will be most beneficial as it is recommend to practice in the morning and evening.

The Gassho meditation is a powerful mindfulness practice that incorporates the 5 spiritual principles of Reiki.

These can be thought of as ideals or affirmations that help to create more balance and harmony in our daily lives. Helping us to deal with difficulties as they arise, with grace and more positivity.

You can learn more about Reiki here or to find out how you can become a practitioner, check out our workshops.