Rainbow Reiki

The below is an explanation of Rainbow Reiki from my Rainbow Reiki Master/Teacher. I am now able to teach and attune others to this beautiful form of Reiki as well.

“Reiki of the Seven Rays or Rainbow Reiki, is an upgrade to the already existing Energy of Reiki. The attunement to the Energy of Rainbow Reiki expands even more the central Energy Channel of the being, allowing him to raise the flow of energy that he receives and sends. It cleanses, activates and widens all chakras, activates the Kundalini Energy and activates all the properties of a Rainbow Child within the Soul.

Once an individual is attuned to the Rainbow Reiki, they will be able to receive consciously guidance from the Ascended Masters and have clear communication with them, as well as he will be able to channel their energy and power to the physical plane.

Rainbow Reiki is very spiritual and it is experienced with a pure and gentle energy, which activates the Crown Chakra, bringing a new light to the Spiritual Path of the individual.

Rainbow Reiki balances all energies within the individual, bringing once again complete harmony and balance though the different levels of the being.

Reiki of the Seven Rays (Rainbow Reiki) is a strong step, on proceeding with the connection of your Higher Self and the Christ Consciousness and also helps the individual’s Spirit to unite with his Body and Soul. Rainbow Reiki is a complete healing modality which heals and treats all levels of the being.

In a Rainbow Reiki session, the Energy enters overall the body through the energy centers (Chakras). Reiki Energy enters through the Central Energy Channel, while each Ray enters through each of the Seven Basic Chakras. In a Rainbow Reiki session, when the two Master Symbols are sketched over each Chakra, they enter the recipient with all their specialties activated, so he/she can experience therapy and liberation.”

To summarise the above – Rainbow Reiki connects us with the chohans (masters) of the Seven Divine Rays. Each of these Ascended Masters brings forward healing of different aspects and helps to awaken the soul. The Ascended Masters we will work with are;

  • El Morya
  • Lord Lanto
  • Paul the Venetian
  • Serapis Bey
  • Hilarion
  • Lady Nada
  • Saint Germain

Rainbow Reiki Sessions

September 2023 Promotion – All Sessions $80!

First Session (allow 1.5hrs) – $90

Follow up sessions (allow 1hr) – $85

Learn Rainbow Reiki

If you are already a Reiki Master and would like to learn more, or to be attuned to Rainbow Reiki, please contact via email.