Weekly Card Reading – 14th-20th April

Weekly Card Reading – 14th-20th April – Guidance for the coming week

Happy Friday everyone!

The card that has come through for the week ahead is from the Gaia Oracle ~ Lost Love

Weekly Card reading 14-20th April.  Image of Lost Love card from the Gaia Oracle.
Lost Love ~ from the Gaia Oracle

A week for Surrender, Healing, Release.

This week you will find yourself distancing yourself from those that are no longer meant to be in your life.

Feelings will also surface from past relationships as they are now ready to be healed.

It is normal to feel sad when a relationship or friendship ends. Yet, this healing card has shown up in your reading today to let you know that everything truly does happen for a reason. Trust and accept that higher forces are at work in your life at the moment and that your soul is guiding you towards ever greater love.

You may not feel it at present but you are surrounded by an ocean of love: you are loved more than you will ever know.

There is little point in searching for answers. Accept things as they are. The truth is what is, yet it is also what was and what will be.

There are no mistakes. Everything you experience has a purpose and is meaningful. All is a part of a higher plan for your life. Everyday is a new beginning yet nothing is ever lost for life is an endless cycle. What goes around comes around. Love is eternal.

Affirmation for the week

“All I experience in life has a purpose and is meaningful. Everything is part of a higher plan. Every experience expands my understanding and appreciation of love. The truth is what is – the truth is what was – the truth is what will be.”

Wishing you all a divine week.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week for the next weekly card reading.