Weekly Card Reading – 1st-7th April

Weekly Card Reading – 1st-7th April – Guidance for the coming week

Happy Friday everyone!

The card that has come through for the week ahead is from the Angel Dreams Oracle ~ High Council

Weekly Card Reading - High council card from Angel Dreams oracle
High Council Card from the Angel Dreams Oracle

A week of Evolution, Information and Potential.

A chance for growth and becoming an even better version of you.

We are still in a strong period of shifting and clearing old energy. You may continue to feel tired and need rest this week, more sleep is needed right now.

This week we are being asked to pay attention to our dreams. Where are you travelling to in dream state? Can you remember any messages you have received. You may just find yourself recalling much stranger dreams than usual and that is okay too. Note down or journal on anything that particularly grabbed your attention. It will make sense to you in the future.

The High Council is an alliance of beings from across universes who have come here to help you on your evolutionary journey on this planet. These beings of love and light are trying to get your attention. There is an important project or task you are being asked to take on. The size of the assignment doesn’t matter-large or small, it will create a shift for the highest good of all.

What are you being guided towards? The “download” messages you will be receiving will be stored in your energy field for retrieval at a later date. This information is to be used when it is needed for the evolution of you as a human, and for humanity as a whole.

Think about your spiritual perceptions and beliefs this week – do they still resonate with who you are now?

Wishing you all a week full of growth and potential.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week for the next weekly card reading.