Guidance for the Coming Week – 1st October 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

The energy today is so refreshing.

Today’s card was spot on for this beautiful energy – “Earth”. This card comes from the Lemurian oracle I have been working closely with over the past few weeks. These cards contain healing light codes, so while admiring the beautiful artwork , be open to receive any healing and light code transmissions that are for your highest good.

The message coming through this week is to really feel into the nature elements to restore and renew your energy. We have spent so much time clearing and shedding recently, we need to also take time to replenish ourselves too! So many are feeling rundown and exhausted. Turn to Mother Earth for support and nurturing.

If you are not tuning into your own energy then whos are you tuning into?

The coming week will be filled with all sorts of external chaos being portrayed. Don’t let yourself attach or connect with this chaotic energy, instead feel into what is real for you. Spend time in nature connecting with your own energy, bringing yourself into a sense of harmony and peace.

You are growing and evolving spiritually as you have noticed over the past few months, which is wonderful, but it is also time to really take care of yourself in a physical sense. What are you consuming that could be harming your health? Food, drinks, chemicals…all of these can affect how we feel. Try and incorporate more fresh foods into your diet and look at reducing the chemicals you are exposed to. What natural ways can you support your health. Don’t go overboard, start with a slow and gentle approach.

There may be a flare up of  physical conditions over the coming week, which is just a reminder for us to look at what we can do better. Gentle exercise, especially walking barefoot outside, is going to help support you to achieve higher levels of energy and physical healing.

This is also a great week for fertility for those of you trying to conceive.

We are also being asked to look at our own impact on the environment…what can you do to support Mother Earth? Better recycling practices, planting a tree, picking up rubbish at the park/beach/roadside – all of these little steps really add up if we all play our part.

With this card I was guided to share a brief grounding and connecting meditation with you – link below.

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of healing and vitality.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.