Guidance for the Coming Week – 10 September 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

❤ Today’s card is “LOVE” which is such a strong message and reminder for us all. ❤

🦄 This card comes from the very first oracle deck I purchased many years ago when in the depths of my own personal healing journey. In the pack there were actually 2 of these cards (message received universe!) and the bonus one is always on display in my healing room as a personal reminder for me on how far I’ve come and how strong the power of LOVE truly is. When we start to embody the vibration of love we can truly change our lives (as cliché as that may sound).

The unicorn energies have been coming through strongly this week and I could feel the deck jumping out this morning waiting to be heard. The meaning below is straight from the book as it had such a big impact on me and feel it will for you as well. Having love and compassion for others is so important right now…..

🦄 The answer that you’re seeking is love. 🦄
This card wants you to know the simple yet powerful answer that you seek: It’s love-pure love, Divine love, healing love.
You can heal your current situation by acting more lovingly toward others. You can also tell them, “I love you.” Even holding loving feelings toward another person is a powerful way to heal them and the relationship. You can send love to someone who’s in need by seeing or feeling love coming from your heart and going to the other person.
You’re also called upon to teach others about love. You can do this in many different ways.You can talk, write, or sing about it. You can draw, photograph, or paint a picture that shows love. You can make someone laugh to open their heart, or inspire them with your own example of living a life of love.
This card may also mean that another really loves you but doesn’t know how to show or tell you these feelings. Remember that not everyone is comfortable with strong feelings.
Compassion is part of love, which means being open to other people’s differences.

🦄 Wishing you all a wonderful week full of unconditional love and compassion. If you have Rose Quartz, carry it around or wear it on your body to help enhance these feelings.

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Sheree xx