Guidance for the Coming Week – 20th May 2022

Happy Friday everyone!

The card that has come through for the coming week is from the Divine Feminine Oracle – “Machig Labdron”.

This week will you may find yourself bringing your shadow into consciousness and accessing

the treasures it holds rather than repressing it.

From Machig’s perspective, she knew that the difference between a god and a demon had to do with our reaction to them. Those who cause us pain, she explained, also teach us patience, whereas those who bring gifts can distract us from our spiritual paths.

No one and no single situation has the power to derail us, that is unless we let it. The power rests within us.

The spiritual path for Machig was to become intimate with her inner demons: those thoughts or beliefs that kept her from experiencing joy, bliss, and pure love.

The darkness within us isn’t actually dark. It often feels threatening because some aspect of our intuition knows that when we face it, we will reclaim a lost part of our soul.

We will heal. We will become more whole, and that ironically can be terrifying.

We get so used to functioning with only one wing. We wonder, How can I fly now with two? I’ll go too far, too high. Who will I become now that I am free? And who will I lose in the elevation of my soul?

Machig is here to support us in seeing what’s ready to come to consciousness. She’s here with her diamond heart to hold us as we feed one of our shadow not with fear, but with the knowledge that bringing it to life, and into light will help set us free.

Is there an ego belief that I am ready to see and release within me?

The Intention to hold for the week…

I see the light in my own darkness. I face my ego beliefs to feel free.

Sending you all lots of transformation for the coming week.