Guidance for the Coming Week – 13th May 2022

Happy Friday everyone 🌻

I hope you had a great week. 

Today we had a wake today for a family member, an emotional day for many, so this will be short and sweet. 🙏❤️

I love the cards that have followed on from last week’s Success…there are truly some amazing things falling into place for so many and lots more to come..hang in there! 💕🙌

From two of my fave little decks we have these cards…


We are all presented with opportunities and are expected to flow with the currents that come our way.

Drawing this angel card suggests that something is now being made available to you and it is up to you to use it to your greatest advantage.

Be alert, be aware and be prepared.

You can of course make your own opportunities. If you knock on enough doors, one will inevitably be opened to you.

So you are also reminded to persevere, for it may be that a door which was previously locked has now been opened a crack.

Quieten your mind and ask the angels to help you.


I am ready for all opportunities.

🌻 From the Heart and Soul Oracle…following on from the above card…something to ponder this week…

Are you feeling a little lost and confused?

Wondering which direction, if any, to take, and questioning what it is that you really want from life?

Perhaps it’s time to consult your inner child.

You know; the one you’ve kept locked away for

ages, the one who holds the essence of the real you?

Isn’t it time to listen to your heart?

Wishing you all a week full of opportunities and clarity 🙏💕

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.