Guidance for the coming week – 3rd September 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

🌻 Today’s card is “Snake” which represents ‘shedding old skin’.

Who else adores snakes? I love them and feel they have such strong energy and messages for us. 🐍

The snake is a powerful spiritual symbol. Representing times of intense transformation, healing and personal growth. Times when we are literally shedding old layers of self and shields we have put in place, to make way for higher vibrational energy and new experiences that bring us more joy and love. Embracing our true desires and gifts.

This message has been coming through week after week – we are still in this period of transformation and will be for some time to come ~ spirit always sends through the same messages and lessons until we learn them, as I’m sure you have experienced – I certainly have.

The snake comes with the message that you have been doing so well moving through old aspects and will continue to be triggered in the week to come to allow for even more inner work to take place. (Yes that’s right – more!). Are you avoiding situations or relationships that require work? What self-sabotaging aspects are you holding onto? These will be presented this coming week.

You may also be called to support others who are going through this transformational process as well, perhaps those who you feel are misunderstanding you actually need your help to move forward with their healing journey.

While the past few weeks has been quite overwhelming at times, it is actually allowing you to anchor in more positivity in your life as you clear aspects you view as negative. In those moments of overwhelm, try shifting your focus from the negatives to things that you love and enjoy. Once you start listing all the things you love around you, your energy is able to easily shift and you will experience more positives.

As we come out of the winter restoration period, we will find ourselves embracing this shift more and being able to bask in the glorious sun will give you an instant energy boost. The snake also reminds us to stay grounded as it is closely connected with the Earth.

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of healing and growth.