Guidance for the Coming Week – 8 July 2021

Happy (almost) Friday everyone!

I was called to use the Lemurian deck today as I have been working more with the Lemurian light energy recently. The card which came through was “Home”.

Their messages were coming through strongly before the card was chosen and I kept hearing ‘heart chakra’ over and over, so it was no surprise to see the beautiful heart portal on this card.

Our heart is our connection to our soul. To wholeness of all we are.

Quite often we go about our day not being present. We float through the busyness of our lives, being ungrounded and soaking up the energy, thoughts and emotions of others. If we don’t take time to be present and connect with ourselves then who are we really tuning in to? Usually it is not our own truth, rather a collection of other peoples.

This card serves as a reminder that we need to connect with ourselves and our bodies in order to find the light (and that feeling of home) that we are searching for. The light is within you, take a few moments each day to connect with yourself. It could just be a few minutes of breathing into your heart space, quieting the mind and checking in with yourself, just like you would with a friend.

How do you feel? What emotions, thoughts or physical sensations are you experiencing? Are they yours? Have you been thinking negatively about a part of your body? What parts of you need to feel unconditional love right now?

Your physical body is your current vessel and deserves to be loved and treated with care. Send love from your heart to any areas that you feel are low in energy.

Expect that you may feel emotional over the next few days as the charge from emotions are cleared and released. Send your entire being love during this time.

Ensure you take time to be grounded and present each day.

Some heart chakra affirmations you may wish to use over the next week;

“I love myself the way I am, not the way I was or could be, and I extend this love to others.”

“I teach others how to love and respect me by how I love and respect myself.”

“I invite peace to be a part of my life and I make time to experience my own inner stillness daily.”

“It is time to rejuvenate myself by giving myself love. I accept myself the way I am and I remind myself that I cannot feel any better about life than the way I feel about myself.”

Wishing you all a wonderful week full unconditional love.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.