Guidance for the coming week – 18th June 2021

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s card brings forward the strong message of ‘Transformation’.

As we have been going through quite an intense period with eclipses, supermoon and ascension portals (with more to come this week during the solstice), as a collective we are transforming our reality. Everything is happening just the way it is meant to, in order for us all to start to awaken and reach deep within for our truth and power.

For some this will still be a long way off, but if you are reading this you already know you are part of this process, helping yourself and others to step into their light and connecting with like-minded people or groups who are doing the same.

This process also means that some of our friends and family may seem to just slip away from our lives, this is how it is meant to be for a while, as we start to attract and resonate with those on the same vibrational frequency as us. We will struggle to communicate with some people as we will literally feel like we are in two different worlds (which in a way we are..).

During this period of transformation, you may experience memories or situations from your past that you thought you already dealt with just ‘pop up’ into your mind. When this occurs you can choose to look for deeper meaning or healing, or just simply acknowledge how you have grown and change.

Don’t be pulled back into old ways of thinking or patterns. You are changing and growing, embrace the new experiences and energy that is being created in your life. Feel gratitude for all you have overcome to get here.

There will be testing moments over the next few weeks where you feel yourself being dragged into drama and conflict. While it can be difficult to avoid reacting to these situations, know that you will react at times and this is okay! Don’t be too harsh on yourself. The awareness and knowing after the fact is just as powerful. We are here to have these experiences after all. There is always something to learn about ourselves and others in these moments.

To help support yourself during this time of transformation, be gentle on yourself; take time for self-care, time in nature, energy healing, relaxation and meditation, salt baths/showers, etc. All of these will help you to feel calm and balanced.

Take comfort knowing that we have so much energetic support around us, ask for support when you need it. Your guardian angel is only a whisper away.

I am being guided to share a brief golden angelic light meditation with you, so will have that up on my website in the next few days.

Along with this card, there was also the resounding message of YES – if you have had a question or decision to make today – then the answer is YES. Feel into what this means for you. Yes, yes, yes – the angels are really sending that through right now.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of peace and joy.

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I look forward to connecting with you again next week.